1. The impact investing research paper is now posted on the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco website: Impact Investing for Small, Place-Based Fiduciaries:  The Research Study Initiated by the United Way of the Bay Area”, December, 2012.

The paper provides an analysis of impact investing, an understanding of fiduciary duty and a step-by-step handbook on how to build a stock and bond fund that is aligned with the mission to reduce poverty in the Bay Area, while meeting fiduciary standards of due diligence and performance expectations.

A shorter summary of this paper can also be found here.

2. The Bay Area Impact Investing Conference hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco is set for Tuesday,  May  7, 2013.

  • To highlight opportunities for impact investing in the Bay Area
  • To showcase some earlier success stories of impact investing in Bay Area
  • To discuss the State of the Bay and its long term investment needs in order to remain competitive, innovative and thriving
  • To present both opportunities and challenges to funding and investing for positive social impact and efficient, sustainable resource management while earning investment returns that meet fiduciary standards.

3. Call to Action:  Let’s develop the Bay Area Impact Investing Initiative

  • To build an understanding of the role of impact investing in the Bay Area
  • To assess past, present and future opportunities in Bay Area impact investing
  • To act as an educator /collaborator to pursue unique opportunities for impact investing in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Develop a communications program to educate and enable impact investing in the Bay Area
  • Step 1: build Advisory Board and membership

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