Consulting Matrix

Seal Cove Financial has designed a consulting services matrix to provide a range of options for consideration in the development of a strategic plan for each money management firm. For each stage of the money management firm’s life cycle, from emerging to established manager, there will be different goals and services to create and implement. Seal Cove can help at each stage of growth, developing integrated plans to address marketing and strategic client services, optimal administrative infrastructure, succession and other long term goals. With a clear, long range plan in place, each money management firm can reach its full potential, confident that all the energies of the firm are directed towards success.

Life Cycle of the Money Manager Emerging Firms Established Firms Maturing Firms
Investment Firm Mission/Vision
Goal Setting
Policy Development
Essence of the Firm
Succession and/or
Exit Strategies
Mergers or Acquisitions
Investment Strategy Research
Portfolio Process
New Product Intro
Investment Process
Competitive Analysis
Performance Reporting
In-Depth Investment Analysis
Customized strategies
Business Development Target Clients
Develop Message
Create Collateral
Lead Generation
Follow up Process
Product Extension
RFP’s & Finals
Strategic Relationships
Webinars, Social Media
Client Retention Personal Meetings
Quarterly reports
Group Seminars
Client Conferences
Client Transition, Golf
Communications Web Site
Marketing Material
Quarterly updates
White Papers
Regional PR
Special Target Reports
Published papers
Press releases